Call For Submissions: “Millennials Beyond The Label” Book Project

February 14, 2018
Zhivko Illeieff

Hey there!

You are currently in postmillennial—a platform for independent millennial perspectives. We have a simple goal: To create and share content about the millennial experience without the sensationalism and culture war rhetoric that often follows such accounts.

Since our launch, we’ve posted articles about the origin and uses of the millennial label, we’ve also published an interview with Daniel Deceder from The Movement For A People’s Party, and have ventured into the world of spiritualism. Here’s the place to mention that anyone can publish articles on postmillennial, all you have to do is join as an author and have a story to share.

Since our main goal is to broaden and share the range of perspectives on the millennial experience, postmillennial authors have discussed producing a collection of essays based on the broad theme of “Millennials Beyond The Label.”

The book will explore the origin and uses of the millennial generational label, as well as ways in which millennials can reclaim their narrative and use generation theory as a path for empowerment, rather than an instrument for mass persuasion. We are looking for narratives that shine a less corporate light on millennials, and explore the potentiality, complexity, contradictions, diversity and other aspects about millennials that might be missing from the corporate news.

Who are millennials beyond the label that was given to us? How has our environment shaped who we are? What do we do next? These are some of the questions that inspired postmillennial and I hope will inspire you to participate in this project.

If you would like to contribute an essay, short story, or other piece of writing that expresses your perspective on the theme of “Millennials Beyond The Label,” feel free to drop us a line at

Please aim for content that is between 2500 and 3500 words (about 5-7 pages), or less. You don’t have to fit in the millennial age cohort to participate and there are no restrictions in terms of tone or style. If you are interested, send us a note about your idea and when you might be able to  provide us with a draft.

Eventually, we would like to publish this collection of essays as a book that will inspire others to think critically and creatively about the millennial label and generation. Of course, essay contributors will receive proper credit. If the book generates profit, it will be shared fairly with everyone involved in the project.

I believe we can create content about millennials that is infinitely more interesting than what we see in mass media. I am very excited about working toward this vision and welcome any comments and critiques you have about the project.

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