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Here’s everything, well, mostly everything, you need to know about sharing content on the site:

1. Posting Process

You submit a post through our Submit Form. Once submitted, the post is listed as “pending.” The post is then reviewed and published. You will receive an email when the post is live on the site. The Post Management menu puts you in control of your content at all times – you can edit your posts as soon as you submit them and even after they are published. When you edit a published post, our post elves will review it again to make sure there’s no jiggery-pokery.

2. Tips on using the Submit Form

Here are some tips and tricks on using the Submit Form. The form’s fields are listed below:


A title, a header, a short snappy thang, or a along descriptive line of text. Make of it what you will.

Sharing Media?

This field is used to add video/audio content that will appear above your article.

To do so, paste the video/audio’s embed code* in the designated field. For example, this code will embed the YouTube version of the movie Inception to the post:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

*Embed codes are easy to find on most media platforms. Look for the “share” settings and copy/paste from there.


This is your post’s main text. You can keep it text-only, or place media/images/documents as described below.

Add images  by:

a) Clicking “Add Media” and uploading an image from your computer. Make sure the images you upload are less than 350kb in size (you can use online tools like Web Resizer to optimize your images). Once uploaded, you can edit images in the body of the text and add descriptions and credit.

b) Pasting an image URL in the body of the text. Make sure to place the URL on a single line by itself:

* Click here for a list of free stock photo websites. These sites contain beautiful stock photography and they’re free!

Add audio/video by:

a) Pasting the media URL in the body of the text. Make sure to place it on a single line such as this:

This content will not appear in the editing form, but will appear in the Preview link of the Post Management menu.

Note: images/videos/audio in posts are nice to have, but certainly not required.

Add documents by:

a) Clicking “Add Media” and uploading a document file from your computer. This will add a link to the document which people can then download. The maximum size is 350kb.

Disclaimer: even though we regularly pray to the Submit Form Gods, uploading and editing media online can be a messy process. If something doesn’t work the way you want it to, you can always edit your posts in the Post Management menu.

Post Cover field

You can upload an image cover for your post. The recommended size is 950×509 and the image has to be less than 350kb.

Tags and Categories fields

Categorizing your content through our categories and tags system will help our community access your posts more efficiently. These fields are not required, but certainly appreciated.


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