Silicone Valley Computer Philosopher on Social Media’s Subtle Manipulation of Mass Behavior

June 25, 2018
Zhivko Illeieff

Jaron Lanier, the Silicone Valley ‘computer philosopher’, thinks social media is ruining your life.

“I believe that what we are doing is not in our best self-interest. Business interests are part of society; if they destroy society, they destroy themselves. I believe it’s very clear that we can offer all of the good things (and there are many, many good things in these services, in social media in particular), I am convinced we can offer them without this manipulation engine in the background.”

“Fadebook’s business model is to addict you and then offer channel to you to third parties, to change you, without you realizing it’s happening. So no amount of tweaking can heal it. I think it needs a new business plan.”

“We need more people who are just outside of that loop, who are thinking without the manipulation and I think we will find it extraordinarily valuable to have them.”

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