There’s God in Me, There’s God in You

March 2, 2018
Dominique Simon

What gave us all life?

What makes one cell divide and differentiate into the human body?

What was the beginning of DNA?

Where did the “big bang” come from?

What’s out in the vastness of space?

Where does gravity come from?

Why do atoms behave the way they do?


Questions, many of which, for now at least, elude intellectual answers.

And then, from another place, I feel the answers calling.

Answers beyond words.

Beyond my limited logical understanding.



There’s God in Me, There’s God in You

A beautiful thread pulled all the way Through

Our existence in this beautiful Place

In every Smile, in every Face


Have faith in this Force, have Faith in the Love

Have Faith in this God dwelling in our Hearts


The Strength of Mountains, the River of Life

The Energies of Evolution and Progress permeating our Strife

To change the World, to bring Beauty and Peace

Just dive Within and on the Glory Feast

Claim your Birthright, the missing Piece

Our existence is a blessing of Grace, an extension of God

A Drop in the Ocean, a Ripple in the Pond


God is You and Me, and All of Us of whatever hue

We call upon and honor this force to guide us Through

To the everlasting Glory, the more beautiful World


our Hearts know is True

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Dominique Simon

Dominique Simon is an avid human being who loves to exist, be, and live. To navigate society he masquerades as a lawyer, or legal counselor, and takes every opportunity he can to spread peace, prosperity, and love to those around him. He also enjoys connecting and weaving fabrics of community, knowledge, and spiritual exploration together. Dominique most enjoys moving between deep being and playful exploration of what it means to be alive.

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