We are all Spiritual Beings

January 29, 2018
Dominique Simon

“If anything is sacred the human body is sacred.” —Walt Whitman


What do we think of when we think of other people? Other strangers? Other people from distant lands? What images form in our minds? What thoughts? What emotions and reactions?

We used to think of each other in very different terms. So different, in fact, that we put each other into zoos, and ships, in camps and in graves.

We still do this today.

There was a time when it was common to think of people from other lands as animals. Even as we moved beyond this conceptualisation, it was common to think of other people as potential rivals in a setting where survival was the highest priority and the ultimate justification.

But something is changing.

A different way of thinking, of seeing, and of knowing is emerging. While it has been building and building for thousands of years, our generation is seeing a blossoming of a new perspective. When we think of other people, we are beginning to see spiritual beings

Day by day it becomes easier to see us not as more different, but more similar. More connected. More radiant. We discover more and more biological reasons why we are more of the same. Technology allows us to share more of who we are inside with more people. And we are diving inwards and understanding our true nature more so than ever before.

Beyond just our minds, we are beings of light and energy. We are products of nature and evolution and gravity, of systems and processes that we are just beginning to understand. And we are the result of one too many coincidences. Such a beautiful awareness of reverence for our existence and the life around us is there for the taking every moment of our lives. And yet, at times we feel disconnected from this truth. We feel inadequate, insecure, and alone, we feel helpless and insignificant, we feel lost and depressed.

In the face of the truth of what we all are, can we afford to fear and hate the other? Can we afford to fear and hate the beauty in ourselves?

Just as the sunrise is as breathtaking each morning, so is the blossoming of a flower, or the dance of a flame, and the hum of a rainforest and the scent of a wet rain, just as breathtaking as the full moon, the twinkle of the stars and the depth of space, as vast the grains of sand on a beach and the cells in your body, as beautiful as our lovers and parents and family and friends, as all of those around us and as us, as we, as you and me are breathtaking. We – you – I/me are breathtaking, wondrous, beings of life and of nature.

Just as we see nature in a beautiful light, as the animals and plants on this Earth, so are we the beautiful life of this earth, the beautiful expression of life.

Just as you and me admire the sunrise and the beauty of nature, we honor that divinity in each of us through our life and our awareness

that we are all spiritual beings.


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Dominique Simon

Dominique Simon is an avid human being who loves to exist, be, and live. To navigate society he masquerades as a lawyer, or legal counselor, and takes every opportunity he can to spread peace, prosperity, and love to those around him. He also enjoys connecting and weaving fabrics of community, knowledge, and spiritual exploration together. Dominique most enjoys moving between deep being and playful exploration of what it means to be alive.

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